Procediment d'admissió amb estudis estrangers no homologats

What's this?

 This is a call to anyone with some kind of non-Spanish studies who wishes to apply for admission to a study programme at the UIB.

A specific number of places are opened for each study programme. Priority for filling the places is predefined, and if any places are left vacant, there will be a second call for applications.


Who can participate?

Students who have taken some foreign university studies or have completed a university degree, but have not had these studies officially recognized in Spain, and who to start a new study programme at the UIB and have at least 30 ECTS credits. 

Distribution of seats

The number of places offered to non-Spanish students with non-recognized studies should be an additional 2 percent (minimum) of the number of places offered during the general application period of the previous year. During the first year of a new undergraduate degree programme, no such places will be offered during the general application period. The executive council must approve the aforementioned increases.

Unfilled places that were reserved for students with non-recognized studies will be filled by students wishing to change study programmes during the same application period, if there is a waiting list, and vice versa.

Exceptionally, the head of a faculty or the director of a school may choose to admit all of those who applied to change study programmes or those who have completed at least 120 credits of a non-recognized study programme, even if there are no places available. This, as long as human, physical, and material resources allow it.

Order of admission

 Applicants who meet all requirements and who have completed at least some foreign studies will be selected as follows:

· First, students who have completed studies similar to or included in the study programme that they wish to access, and then the rest of students

· Within each of these two groups, applicants will be ordered and admitted based on their academic transcript average (adapted to a scale from 5 to 10 points in accordance with the corresponding tables).  


Documentation required for admission:

· DNI/passport/NIE.

· Academic transcript with your average grade (legalized through an appropriate diplomatic channel if the university is not in the EU). Information on legalizations can be found on the webpage of the appropriate government ministry.

· An application to have the average grade from your academic transcript converted into the Spanish grading system. This process must be carried out through the Ministry of Education Culture and Sport, here.

· Syllabi from the subjects that you have passed.

Presenting the documentation


Documentation can be attached to the registration application.

Process for attaching the documentation to the registration application

If you have to present documentation, you should follow the instructions detailed hereafter:

· Once the registration application has been saved, you will receive a message telling you that the information has been saved correctly and specifying the documentation that you must submit.

· Click on the tab that says “Sol·licitud”.

· Click on the button that says “Adjunta documentació”.

· Attach the required documents following the following instructions--File names should use the following nomenclature: DOC_DOCID.EXT ; where DOC is the code that identifies what kind of document it is, see a list of codes here; DOCID is the number of your identification document, be it a passport, DNI, or other ID; and EXT is the file extension (pdf, jpg, etc.)

· The operation will generate a ticket that you can use to follow the status of the application in the section Gestions i serveis\Atenció a l'usuari\Suport\Pendents.

· While the ticket does not show up as being resolved, be vigilant of the status because if you have submitted any invalid documents or if you must turn in other documentation, we will notify you through this ticket.

· Communication with the UIB will be done through comments, which you can add. You can also see the comments that Administrative Services makes.

· ADVICE: When you sign onto the UIBdigital home page, check your messages, as you will also be informed of any missing documentation here.


See an example of how to attach documentation.


In person

If you wish to submit the documentation in person, you can do so at:

Unitat d'Atenció a l'Alumne (Student services centres)

· Son Lledó building, Palma campus. From Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 14.00.

· The prefabricated building, Palma campus. From Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 14.00 and Thursday from 16:00 to 18:00.

The University Centre of Minorca

· Can Salort. Carrer de Santa Rita, 11. Alaior.

The University Centre of Ibiza and Formentera

· Antic edifici de la Comandància (The old Comandància building). Carrer del Calvari, 1. Eivissa.

By registered mail

You can also send documentation by registered mail to:

Universitat de les Illes Balears

Servei d'Alumnes i Gestió Acadèmica

Edifici Son Lledó

Cra. de Valldemossa, km 7,5

07122 Palma

Documentation validation

If the candidate does not submit original documentation or provides a provisional transcript, admission will be conditional. Once admitted, the candidate must provide the original documentation (or a transcript with finalized grades) during the enrolment process in order to continue. Once enrolled, the candidate will be a UIB student.

If any of the submitted copies are suspected of having been manipulated or if the finalized transcript shows an average grade lower than the cut-off grade, admission will be revoked and enrolment will be cancelled. In the case of manipulating documentation, applicants will not be eligible for a refund of any amounts paid.

For the documentation to be digitally validated, you must provide documents that have been digitally signed by the issuing body or that have an electronic verification code.

Applicable regulations


The regulations that govern admission to undergraduate study programmes are as follows:

· The basic regulation on the admission procedures for officially recognized university undergraduate study programmes

· Regulatory Agreement of 20 February 2017 which establishes regulations for accessing and being admitted to official undergraduate teaching programmes

· Weighting scheme

    • Regulatory Agreement of 21 July 2016 which contains the weighting parameters for high-school-level subjects so that they may be considered for admission to official undergraduate study programmes.
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